Your Journey to Success

Discover the best practices for a great mentoring experience

Learn from Mentorink 'How-to' Series

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4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Sign up & Send your Application

Create your account and fill in the application form to let us get to know you. Make sure to submit your application to request a match.

Step 2: Schedule a Session

Once you are matched with a mentor/mentee, contact them, introduce yourself and schedule an intro session.

Step 3: Conduct your Session

Have your session over video or any other medium you prefer. Leverage the inspiring content to maximize learning and sharing.

Step 4: Send feedback and carry on

Submit your feedback and move onto your next meeting. Complete the recommended number of sessions to ensure success.

Step 1: Sign-up and Submit Your Application

Sign Up & Login

Apply to a Program

Upload Profile Photo

See your Match

Step 2:
Schedule a Session

Use the tools provided to manage your sessions effectively. Leverage the inspiring content to turn your meetings into fruitful conversations and maximize your learning and sharing.

Send a Meeting Invite

Reply to a Meeting Invite

Mentoring Journey

Step 3: Conduct your Session

Chat and Video Call

Mentoring Content

Step 4:
Submit your Feedback and Carry on

Fill in the mini feedback form and move onto the next session which will enable you to ensure:

Complete a Session and Send Feedback

  • You complete your session successfully
  • Your program admin can see and recognize your progress
  • Receive your e-certificate and share it proudly with your colleagues and friends!

Contact us if you have any questions or feedback.

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