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More than 80% of the mentoring programs initiated within the industry fail without creating any tangible outcome?

It causes all your precious time, effort and resources to go wasted!

Reduce the admin effort needed

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Increase the success of your mentoring program



Reduce the admin effort needed

Deliver return on your investment

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A mentoring platform that delivers

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Smart Matching

Easy match-ups through smart algorithms that eliminate the manual effort needed

Smart Guidance

Deeper interaction by tailored content; auto-reminders that maximize engagement

Smart Monitoring

In-depth analytics & rich admin controls that deliver actionable insights and progress

Why we think you will love Mentorink

Our Domain Expertise

Facilitated thousands of mentoring pairs and counting, relentless focus on user feedback

Mentoring that works

Simple, highly engaging mentoring experience optimized for the best results

Quick & Easy Launch

Customizable, quick & easy to set up, instant company or community-wide reach

Flexible & Integration

Platform agnostic, so no lock-in; wide range of integration options to your existing systems

Truly pay-per-use

Ultra low-cost by unique capabilities, the only platform to charge you for what you truly use

Best Customer Support

Dedicated customer service that will become your best friend and satisfaction guarantee

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What they say

"Mentorink removes the time and location barrier among our employees and enable us to learn from each others' experiences in an easy and efficient way."

Zeynep Derya Levent

HR Director, ATU

Burhan Cakir

HR Director, TOFAS

"Thanks to the unique capabilities of Mentorink, we have been able to maximize our employees' potential through bespoke coaching programs."

"Mentorink has been a key enabler and partner for us to create such an impactful learning experience for our C-suite, which has been recognized by EMCC."

Florian Lazarica

L&D Lead, Societe Generale

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