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Societe Generale & Mentorink have received the prestigious

"Best Mentoring Award" from EMCC

Societe Generale uses Mentorink to provide their top management with a high quality mentoring program

An award-winning mentoring program

Societe Generale's mentoring program, enabled by Mentorink, has received the prestigious 2020 EMCC Award.

European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) is the worldwide leading organization that fosters research and best practice applications in the mentoring and coaching domain. EMCC recognizes leading organizations through its annual awards that are carefully selected among high-calibre applications.

The Company

The Challenge

Societe Generale is one of the leading investment banks and financial services companies globally.

Societe Generale has been playing a vital role in the economy for 150 years. With more than 148,000 employees, based in 76 countries, they accompany 30 million clients throughout the world on a daily basis.

SocGen Global Solutions Center wanted to launch a mentoring program with its C-suite, with a two-fold goal: 1) supporting the learning culture in an informal environment and 2) enabling a practical knowledge transfer amongst it top leaders.

Managing such a high profile mentoring program was a big challenge, as such C-suite people are often very busy and struggle to keep up with such ongoing commitments.

The solution

A holistic program design involving offline and online activities

Enabling participants to stay on top of their learning agenda through clear guidance via the online platform

Regular check-ins enabled by actionable insights

Strong buy-in from the top management

Active tracking through the smart analytics capabilities of the online platform

What they say

"Your recognition is a solid indicator that our concept, implementation, and results are on the right path. Our efforts to create such an impactful learning experience involve a solid learning culture, strong leadership values, and commitment towards developing others, as well as an effective relationship between our organization and Mentorink, our key partner that we are very grateful for all the support that we have received throughout this process. This only strengthens our desire to continue with the programme and expand it globally, enabled thanks to the unique capabilities of Mentorink."

- Florian Lazarica / L&D Manager, SocGen GCS

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